The seminar supervises Bachelor theses in the field of general business studies and, primarily, business development and organization. The department chair is responsible for the approval of the thesis subject as well as the assessment of the exposé and thesis outline.

Bachelor theses are announced twice a semester and are allocated centrally under participation of all business administration chairs. Applications can be submitted through the Klips.

Students should have attended the workshop „Techniken wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens - von der Recherche zum fertigen Papier“, which is part of the Studium Integrale (a four day seminar, further details about venue, time, and application can be found on the Professional Centers homepage and on Klips) or a comparable workshop.

In addition, students can find information about past theses that were supervised by department assistants on their individual webpages.

Ansprechpartner am Lehrstuhl

Timo Prinz
+49 (0) 221 / 470 - 6190