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Frequently asked question

What is the process if I want to write a thesis in the department?

  • Bachelor theses: The allocation of a Bachelor thesis is settled by central allocation. Further information can be found here.
  • Masters theses: Please use this ILIAS-Link for the application at the chairs of Prof. Dr. Ebers, Prof. Dr. Irlenbusch and Prof. Dr. Sliwka.
  • All students must refine their thesis topics together with their supervisor, who helps to develop the structure and exposé. The department chair is responsible for the approval of the thesis subject as well as the assessment of the exposé and thesis outline.

How do I determine the topic of my thesis?

After a topic is allocated, the supervisor helps the student elaborating it. During this process students should orientate themselves on the topics of the lecture and exercise courses and/or interesting practical problems. They must develop a clear question or problem and answer it in the thesis.

Can I propose a topic on my own?

Yes, we welcome this. However, the proposal should be very concrete. This is especially important for Bachelor theses, since the filing period and the time to compose are extremely short.

I did not major in Unternehmensführung, Organisation and Personal, or Corporate Development. Can I still write my thesis at the department?

Yes. An application with a main preference for the Seminar für ABWL, Unternehmensentwicklung und Organistion is possible at the central allocation. However, we expect you to familiarize yourself with the topic and adjust the topic to the main focuses of our department.

What are the prerequisites that I should have in order to be able to write a thesis at the Department of ABWL, Organisation and Corporate Development?

The ideal case would be a student who majors in corporate development and organisation and who is interested in appropriate questions relevant to the topic. Additionally, students must demonstrate initiative and determination for completing the exposé and thesis.

How can I announce the different (theoretical, empirical, practical) theses?

First, the topic must be released. Then, the director announces the theses at the Prüfungsamt. According to the type of thesis (Bachelor, Master), different registration forms are required. More information can be found here.

How much time including preparation time should I schedule?

One typically requires between four and eight weeks to prepare a Master thesis and 2 weeks for a Bachelor thesis. Within this time, students compose an exposé and outline the structure of the thesis. In case special conditions occur (e.g. internship, illness, examination, application for Master programs), students should inform their supervisor as soon as possible.

Does the supervisor give the student a helping hand in writing the final assignment?

Yes. The supervisor intensively supports the student in developing the topic, composing the exposé, and determining the structure. Afterwards, the supervisor still keeps in touch and can be contacted (as soon as possible) if problems or additional questions present themselves.

What is the number of pages allowed?

  • Bachelor theses: 25 pages
  • Master theses: max. 60 pages

When does the final assignment have to be submitted? Is it possible to extend the time limit?

  • The lead time is 9 weeks for Bachelor theses and 6 months for Master theses (from the moment of submission at the Prüfungsamt). The closing date of Bachelor and Master theses cannot be extended. More Information:

Are there any formal guidelines given by the Prüfungsamt or the department?

Can I write my thesis in English?

Yes. This may be an especially good option for students whose native language is not German. 

Where do I need to submit my thesis?

Two hardback copies of the thesis must be submitted at the Prüfungsamt during office hours or can be placed in the mail box in the Wiso-Foyer. Students must also include an electronic copy on a DVD or CD. The supervisor determines the electronic format in advance (PDF or/and Word).