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Cooperations with companies

Mark Ebers has many years of experience in collaborating with companies, management consultancy, and trainings. He has developed and carried out in house trainings for managers at a variety of well-known national and international corporations.

Since 2003, Mark Ebers has been a member of the executive board of the Schmalenbach-Gesellschaft Deutsche Gesellschaft für Betriebswirtschaft e.V. Since 2011, he has has held the function of scientific director for the working group “Organisation" in der Schmalenbach-Gesellschaft The Schmalenbach-Gesellschaft dedicates itself to a broad and profound exchange of science and practice. 

Since 2000, Mark Ebers has worked as a lecturer for different programs of the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), USW Netzwerk, Schloss Gracht, Between 2002 and 2011, he was the academic director of the training program “Management for young managerial staff” at this institute.  Since 2011, Mark Ebers has been in charge of the programs “Change Management” and “Management Update”.

The Seminar for Business Administration, Corporate Development, and Organization at the University of Cologne is the oldest organization chair in Germany.  Headed by Prof. Dr. Ebers, our team of ten research assistants addresses practical and corporate problems regarding organizational structures and strategic business development. In doing so, we focus on the field of dynamic capabilities and the social capital of companies. Our approach is an interdisciplinary one; relevant contributions from neighboring disciplines such as sociology or psychology are also considered in our research. We cooperate with our corporate partners in a variety of ways such as in the form of consulting projects, the composition of expert reports, and teaching methods.

Consulting projects and expert reports

As one of the leading chairs for Business Administration, we offer you the entire range of strategic and operative consultancy. The aim of our consulting is to enhance the maximal profit contribution of every corporate division as well as increasing the total value of your company. We provide you with solutions combining academic knowledge and practicability. Therefore, we carry out network analyses and consult you in the fields of performance management, organizational design, and change management.

Teaching cooperations

Students answer questions with respect to business management that are relevant to your company. Your company benefits from the opportunity to get to know potential employees attending a master program at a renowned university and retain suitable students. In principle, there are two types of teaching cooperations:

Business Projects

A team of 4-6 students collaborates with a company. For three months, they work on solutions for a real-life problem the company struggles with. During these months, the team is supervised by both the company and a research assistant at the University of Cologne, who grades their performance. The objective of the project is to link theory and practice in a reasonable manner. The students gain practical experience, make use of their qualifications and knowledge, and answer a relevant question for the company.

Theses in companies

We regularly supervise theses of Master and Diplom students dealing with the matters of organization and corporate development. The students write their theses in collaboration with a company. Therefore, it is in our and the company’s interest that the students work on concrete problems within the company that are also related to our field of research. Moreover, the student and the research assistant should check on the availability and applicability of data and methods before writing the theses.