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Content and Goals

The Seminar of Corporate Development and Organization imparts profound knowledge and skills in the field of classic management functions. Moreover, we offer a deepening of specific problems concerning organizational structures and strategic business development.  Students will gain a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills that is applicable to a variety of professions. As students also obtain professional qualifications in “general management”, they may use course content in many fields and operational areas of responsibility. Our classes do not only prepare students for specialized staff functions and consulting activity, but are also relevant for line positions, as such positions also require integral and comprehensive thinking and acting. Each and every member of the department is committed to providing students with the most important skills and know-how they need for a successful professional future. Therefore, we pursue the goals of teaching students:

  • Cognitive skills (analytic and conceptional thinking)
  • Transformational skills (transfer of  learned concepts to a variety of real problems)
  • Critical power of judgment (development of the competence to generate and review alternative suggestions for improvement, especially during the future professional life)
  • Social skills (communication skills, team work, etc.)

Typical professional fields

  • Management assistant
  • Consulting (strategic consultancy, change management, IT and process consulting, business development)
  • Inhouse consulting
  • Human resources (e.g. strategic planning, business /group development)

Further information

Further information on the Master Corporate Development can be found on the homepage of the WiSo Faculty. Via the Master-Portal you can also find the module handbook, the examination and study regulations, as well as an information brochure. There you will also find information about the application process. On ILIAS we have set up a group for you for the Major Corporate Development, where you can find more information and news is published.