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Review of Exams

Current dates for inspecting exams can be found under News.

Registration for the inspection of exams

Students must register before inspecting their exams. Registration is binding. For registration follow this Link to the E-Learning Portal ILIAS. In ILIAS you find a group for every exam. Within the designated time period for registration for exam inspection, you can join the respective group there. After the registration deadline, joining the group as well as registering for exam inspection is NOT possible anymore. As a group member you may then access the registration form for download. Please print it out and fill in the information requested. It is important that you personally sign the registration form. After having scanned your completed registration form, please upload it in the upload folder of the respective Ilias group. You are successfully registered for exam inspection only after uploading your completed registration form!

Announcement of time slots for exam review

After the registration period, the allocation of time slots for exam review will be announced via ILIAS-Mails to every student that registered in the respective ILIAS group for exam review. If there are more registered students than expected, either the timespan of exam review will be extended, or another date for exam review will be schedulded on another day.

Request for grade change

A request for re-correction (Nachkorrektur) has to be filed latest two weeks following the exam inspection until 12 pm. A request for a grade change does not implicate a complete correction of the exam, but rather the correction of potential grading mistakes. Presumed grading mistakes must be identified and explained in the request.

For further information, please read the following handout: