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Bachelor Thesis

The seminar supervises Bachelor theses in the field of general business studies and, primarily, business development and organization. The department chair is responsible for the approval of the thesis subject as well as the assessment of the exposé and thesis outline.

For Bachelor theses in the area Corporate Development, a central announcement is made once per semester for two start dates (at the beginning of the 1st and 2nd midterm) via Klips. After successful assignment to the area Corporate Development, you as a student will receive an ILIAS link, through which you can apply to the four chairs within the area (Corporate Development and Organization (Prof. Ebers), Human Resource Management (Prof. Sliwka), Business Ethics (Prof. Irlenbusch) and Interdisciplinary Management (Prof. Schwens)). Application forms and information on the further application process are available there.

Students must have completed an undergraduate seminar at one of the chairs in the Corporate Development Area. Please note that applications from students from our own bachelor's seminars will be given priority in the final allocation. Any remaining spots will be drawn among the remaining students with preference for our chair. 

Ideally, you should also attend a supplementary course on scientific work (usually offered as part of the Studium Integrale, e.g. "Techniques of scientific work - from research to the finished paper" from the interdisciplinary "Studium Integrale" (four-day seminar. Details on venue, time and registration can be found on the pages of the Professional Center and on Klips) or have attended an equivalent event. Although this is not a necessary prerequisite, we strongly recommend participation in these seminars.

If you have any questions, please contact Carolin Müller

Master Thesis

Our seminar offers master theses in the field of general business studies and, primarily, business development and organization. The department chair is responsible for the approval of the thesis subject and the assessment of the synopsis and the thesis outline.

For your application for the master thesis at the chairs of Prof. Dr. Ebers (Organization), Prof. Dr. Heinz (Strategy) Prof. Dr. Irlenbusch (Business Ethics), Prof. Dr. Schwens (Interdisciplinary Management) and Prof. Dr. Sliwka (Human Resources) within the Corporate Development Area please use this ILIAS-Link

Master's theses are assigned twice per semester. In the summer semester, the start is scheduled for May and August; in the winter semester, the start is scheduled for November and February. Application deadlines are as follows: 

  • 03/20 - 04/20 for the start in May
  • 06/20 - 07/20 for the start in August
  • 09/20 - 10/20 for the start in November
  • 12/20 - 01/20 for the start in February

Deviations from the specified start dates must be negotiated with the individual supervisor. Applications for later start dates (e.g. in July for a November start) will not be accepted. Upon successful application, you will be contacted directly by your assigned supervisor(s). Please note that the start date does not represent the official registration of the thesis with the examination office. This is preceded by an exposé phase, in which you create your research question and outline, plan your approach, and conduct an initial literature search. The exposé phase lasts about six weeks. 

As a prerequisite for registering for the Master's thesis, you must have at least 60 ECTS (at the time of formal registration). You can apply in advance if you meet the prerequisite due to outstanding examination results or credits from abroad until six weeks after the assignment of your supervisor at the latest. This does not apply to CEMS students.

If you have any questions, please contact Carolin Müller.

Information on the compliation and assessment of theses

Download information on the compliation and assessment of theses

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process if I want to write a thesis in the department?

  • Bachelor theses: The allocation of a Bachelor thesis is settled by central allocation. Further information can be found here.
  • Masters theses: Please use this ILIAS-Link for the application at the chairs of Prof. Dr. Ebers, Prof. Dr. Irlenbusch and Prof. Dr. Sliwka.
  • All students must refine their thesis topics together with their supervisor, who helps to develop the structure and exposé. The department chair is responsible for the approval of the thesis subject as well as the assessment of the exposé and thesis outline.

Can I also apply for a thesis beyond the regular allocations?
No, unfortunately this is not possible. Please only use the regular allocations (twice a year for bachelor theses for four start dates; four times a year for master theses for four start dates).

I missed the Klips application deadline. Can I still apply afterwards?
If you missed the Klips application deadline as an undergraduate student, please contact us as soon as possible. As long as the ILIAS application process is still ongoing, you can be accepted into the application process after the fact. As soon as the ILIAS application deadline ends and the allocation process of the bachelor students to the four chairs of the Corporate Development Area begins, there is unfortunately no possibility anymore and you will have to wait until the next allocation round. 

How do I determine the topic of my thesis?
After a topic is allocated, the supervisor helps the student elaborating it. During this process students should orientate themselves on the topics of the lecture and exercise courses and/or interesting practical problems. They must develop a clear question or problem and answer it in the thesis.

Can I propose a topic on my own?
Yes, we explicitly welcome this. However, the proposal should be very concrete. This is especially important for Bachelor theses, since the filing period and the time to compose are extremely short.

Do I already have to state a specific topic proposal in the application? 
No. You do not have to include a specific topic proposal in your application, nor do you have to specify a concrete research question. However, we would be pleased if you already have initial (preferably concrete) ideas for your work. If you do not yet have these, we urge you to indicate a rough topic area in which you can imagine your work. This is the only way we can provide you with a suitable supervisor. 

Does the supervisor help with the preparation of the thesis?
Yes, there is an intensive support phase during which the topic is defined and the outline and synopsis are prepared. After that, the supervisor remains the contact person and can be contacted at any time in case of problems, need for discussion or questions (as early as possible).

I did not major in Unternehmensführung, Organisation and Personal, or Corporate Development. Can I still write my thesis at the department?
Bachelor's theses: Yes. Bachelor theses can always be registered if a bachelor seminar in the Corporate Development Area has been completed in advance. The focus module "Strategy, Organizations and Human Resources" is not a necessary admission criterion. 
Master's theses: Yes. Application via the ILIAS allocation with the ABWL, Corporate Development and Organization seminar as first preference is also possible for students from the supplementary area. It depends on the current supervisory capacity of the chair. However, an appropriate familiarization with the topic and an adaptation of the topic to the focus of our seminar is expected. Please contact us before applying.

What are the prerequisites that I should have in order to be able to write a thesis at the Department of ABWL, Organisation and Corporate Development?
Ideally, you should have focused your studies on corporate development and organization (Bachelor: module: Strategy, Organizations and Human Resources, ideally with the course Organizational Design; Master: focus area or supplementary area Corporate Development); and have an interest in corresponding issues. In addition, students are expected to show initiative and commitment in preparing the exposé and writing the thesis. Bachelor theses can only be registered if a bachelor seminar in the Corporate Development Area has been completed in advance.

How can I announce the different (theoretical, empirical, practical) theses?
First, the topic must be released. Then, the director announces the theses at the examination office (Prüfungsamt). The supervisior prepares a application form and the student signs it.  

How much time including preparation time should I schedule?
The preparation time for the Master's thesis is about 6 weeks, for Bachelor's theses about 3 weeks, within which time an exposé and an outline of the thesis should be prepared. If there are special conditions during the preparation and editing time (illness, internship, exams, master's application, etc.), this should be communicated to the supervisor early on.

What is the number of pages allowed?

  • Bachelor theses: 25 pages
  • Master theses: 60 pages (Corporate Development), 40 pages (CEMS MIM)

When does the final assignment have to be submitted?
The processing time for the Bachelor thesis is 12 weeks and for the Master thesis 6 months (CD) or 3 months (CEMS MIM) (from submission of the registration to the examination office). You will be informed of the exact submission date by mail from the Examinations Office. It will also be recorded in Klips. 

Is it possible to extend the time limit?
The examination regulations stipulate that the processing time of a thesis can be extended by up to four weeks (Bachelor's thesis) or up to two months (Master's thesis) in justified cases. The prerequisite is a longer lasting restriction of the student's ability to perform (for Bachelor's and Master's theses), or (exclusively! for Master's theses) that essential data or tools are not available at the agreed time or interview appointments are delayed. An extension must (!) be applied for via the examination office. 

Are there any formal guidelines given by the Examination Office or the department?
Please inform yourself about current requirements of the Examination Office on their website.
Internal requirements of the deparment can be found in the guidelines for academic work.

Can I write my thesis in English?
Theses can be written in German and English. Please note that there are non-German speaking supervisors. Therefore, please be sure to indicate in the application form if you would like to exclude one of the two languages for your thesis. 

Where do I need to submit my thesis?
In the current Covid19 semesters, you have two options for submitting the thesis. Offline, you can submit the thesis in a simple hard bound edition by dropping it in the mailbox in front of the WiSo Student Service Point. Include a CD (no formats such as USB stick or similar) with the contents of the thesis in pdf format. Alternatively, you can currently submit the thesis via Sciebo. Please follow the instructions of the examination office. In any case, please inform yourself on the homepage of the examination office before submitting your thesis whether virtual submission is still possible.